Antonio Borzi LEA
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Main instruments

The company has also made an agreement with the Department of Earth and Sea Sciences (DiSTeM) of the University of Palermo for the use of the research vessel "Antonino Borzì" and the technical and scientific equipment provided.

Rilievi side scan sonar e multibeam, indagini ambientali e archeologiche, riforestazione posidonia,rilievi batimetri, Posidonia oceanica

Battello pneumatico da lavoro  2000LeGhe PA3961

Rov biosurvey

ROV Nautec Sirius

Visual exploration of the seabed.

Multibeam Biosurvey

Multibeam Reson Seabat 7125 SV2

Acquire high-resolution bathymetric data along the seabed-costal areas, with operating range up to 400 meters deep, water column analysis and adjustable beam.

sub botton biosurvey

Sub-Bottom profiler Innomar SES-2000 C

Identifies structures below the water-sediment interface.

Multibeam reson 8125

Multibeam Reson Seabat 8125

Acquire high-resolution bathymetric data along the seabed-costal areas.

Side scan sonar Klein 3900

Side Scan Sonar Klein 3900

Identify the morphologies and communities that settle on the seabed.


Sonardine Scout USBL

Accurately locate the position of instruments and divers underwater.

Single beam.jpg

Single Beam Resin Navisound 215

 Collect specific data-morphological information of the seabed-coastal.