Giovanni Bisconti

In 2014 he obtained a Master's Degree in Marine Ecology from the University of Palermo. He has participated in several acoustic survey campaigns in Italy and abroad and has acquired knowledge in the use of high resolution acoustic instrumentation (Multi BeamEco Sounder, Single Beam, Side Scan Sonar, Sub Bottom Profiler, and in the management of remote control vehicles (ROV), navigation software and data editing (PDS2000, QINSy) and map processing through GIS platform. It also carries out monitoring activities in inland and marine-coastal waters, using multiparameter probes and taking water and sediment samples for chemical, biological and microbiological analysis.


He attended the Europa Cube Innovation Businnes School, obtaining a Master's degree in Europrogettazione 2014/2020 and acquiring skills in the drafting and reporting techniques of projects that can be financed through direct and indirect funds from the European Union.